Anything and everything in Marine Electronics and Ship Machinery
  PRARABDH group of companies are involved in Marine Electronics, Machinery and shipping activities. Established in 1992, the group has its head office -operations at Mumbai, India
  Marine Electronics: We are involved into sales, Installation and maintenance of entire range of landmobile and marine electronics equipment. A full fledge service centre at Mumbai-India is catering to all major Oil and Shipping sector companies at all the ports of India
  Over and above the referred services, we have a division, where in we procure Marine Electronics equipment like Radar, Gyro Compass, GPS & many other equipment from the vessels arrived for demolishment. At any time, we have around 300 vessels to be demolished at various Ship breaking yards of India. Our team of engineers make sure of the quality while dismantling and they recondition the equipment for its optimum and specified operation. The same are exported to more then 20 countries at highly discounted price.
  Ship Machinery: We source and procure the Main Generator sets, Ship Engines, and spares from the vessel arrived for demolition. Our engineers and surveyors assess the quality and condition of the set before being exported to several major Authorized workshops and traders across the world. The makes of these sets include Caterpillar, Yanmar, MAK, Daihatsu and many others.
  Shipping: Executing a Barge operation at Western Indian ports for Shore to ship Cargo movement. A multi modal transport operation for Import as well as Export Cargo is being handled efficiently.

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